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I have said for years that I always on a 10M and a modern horn.
The modern horn I always have here is a Barone. I have owned over a dozen of these.
They are an excellent horn for the price or any price. I always enjoy having one here and I use it quite often. I'm glad to hear you got one for yourself and that you are enjoying it. I bet the mouthpiece you got from me is a great combination for you with that horn. Enjoy and hope you're well!
Mark -
I'm in the market for a back-up/travel horn and seriously considering a Barone tenor. I play an 82Z and a late (1974) VI, and for most gigs (except for straight ahead jazz playing my VI with a Robusto) prefer the sound of the Z (with my BW - which I'm loving more every day). Your having owned and played a lot of the Barones, how would you compare the sound of the vintage to the classic, and which do you think might be closer to the Z?
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