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Review of SK New York Custom Alto Mouthpiece

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Hello everyone!
This is my first created article... wow I'm excited!

Anyways, a while back I went to New York City on vacation. I really wanted to look around while I was there for some saxophone related things to do.I looked up shops and other saxophone services and found a store called "KB Saxophone Services" in Queens. I have friends that have bought horns from there and they all said that it was amazing service and the horns were fantastic. There was a link on the site for a company called "SK Mouthpiece". After looking over the page for a while, the mouthpiece on the site really interested me.
After a few days of back and forth communication, I met up with Stephan Kammerer, the creator of the company and the mouthpieces. I brought my alto to the shop and play tested some of the SK New York Custom alto mouthpieces, all the same model but with variations on the facing. I prefer around an .80 tip which is what the mouthpieces are based on.

Wow.... what a sound. It was like a vintage Meyer with a larger deeper sound. It was amazing. So I bought one and have been using it since early January and it is just fantastic. I love a darker sounding piece and this was perfect for me. With an ED ligature, a Hemke 3 and a '77 Mark VII this combo with the SK mouthpiece is incredible.

If you are in NYC, or are interested from elsewhere, please give these a try because they are absolutely fantastic!
Just my two cents worth :p
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