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The construction of the horn is decent and feels solid. It is taiwanese made and all of the brass and components feel solid and well assembled and has drawn tone holes. The bell has a small engraving on it that is rough to the touch, like the P. Mauriat horns tend to be. The action is fast and ergonomics are good, key position feels like a yamaha. The tone is slightly on the bright side using a Jody Jazz HR 6* and Francois Louis ultimate ligature. The intonation is good through the range of the horn. although the palm keys tend to be about 10 cents sharp on average. It is certainly manageable and for the occassional gig where I need a soprano this will certainly fit the need. It comes with both a straight and bent neck.

I would say that if you are looking for a decent inexpensive soprano this would at least be worth a try. I was able to walk out the door with the horn on a special for $377 + tax. Normally they sell this model for $499. Additionally for $40 they offer an extended service plan, which I bought simply because it is a cheaper horn and the plan covers parts and labor or full replacement for three years from the purchase date. While it's no Selmer, Yamaha or Yani, it is a decent playing horn for a very good price.
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