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Retouching sliver plate

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A clarinet I'm rebuilding had one key who's silver plating was very thin. I wore through it in a few spots when I buffed it. Does anybody have access to a tank plating system? I wish I could try a plating wand, but it's worn right on a touch piece, and I don't think the new plating would last long.
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Ask for a durable thickness rather than a decorative one.

The info from may be useful:

"The classification for the thickness of silver plating relating to the solutions that we use is as follows:

The minimum thickness for silver plating is equal to 0.5 microns. This is used mainly for a decorative finish on items with minimal handling.
Heavy silver plate is classed as 2.5+ microns. The normal thickness we apply would be between 2.5 - 6 microns dependent upon the item and its intended use. This provides a long lasting finish on high wear items such as; watches, buckles, trophies and jewellery.

Our specially developed silver plating solutions are tarnish resistant, hard wearing and extremely durable. A silver plating of just 5 microns is often more than adequate for the long term durability of high wear items if cared for properly. A general rule is to allow 1 micron in silver thickness for every year of intended use."
They can also be divided into two sorts:

1: Those used to doing good work for musical instruments and the jewellery trade, without damaging the parts involved (eg by excessive buffing)
2. Those who are not.

Those specializing in auto work or zinc plating are less likely to be the former. I suggest you talk to your local silversmith or manufacturing jeweller, or local brass instrument repairer.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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