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Retouching sliver plate

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A clarinet I'm rebuilding had one key who's silver plating was very thin. I wore through it in a few spots when I buffed it. Does anybody have access to a tank plating system? I wish I could try a plating wand, but it's worn right on a touch piece, and I don't think the new plating would last long.
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Hello, I am having a Bass Clarinet overhauled. It's an old Pedler, and some of the keys have the silver worn off of them. I am considering having the keys re-plated. A check online of plating shops in the area shows companies that work for industry doing plating for the electronics industry.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a shop that would do this work on a BC in Massachusetts/ Southern NH? Has anyone had any experience with having keys replated? Is htere a certain amount of plating that is optimal? (thickness of silver). Do I need to be concerned about delicate keys being damaged in the process?

Thanks in advance for any info.
Thanks Gordon. I'm finding that there are in general two types of replating companies:

1. Industrial mostly for the electronics industry
2. Household/ Antiques replating silver plates, pitchers, etc.

I spoke to my auto body guy. He told me that shops that do replating of auto parts (bumpers, etc.) are few and far between due to EPA regs.

I'm going to get some pricing information.
They can also be divided into two sorts:

1: Those used to doing good work for musical instruments and the jewellery trade, without damaging the parts involved (eg by excessive buffing)
2. Those who are not.

Those specializing in auto work or zinc plating are less likely to be the former. I suggest you talk to your local silversmith or manufacturing jeweller, or local brass instrument repairer.
Yes I agree. I found this:
They are located about one hour from me and mention musical instruments on their web page.

My tech didn't have any suggestions. I sent Reliable some photos and I am awaiting pricing information.
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