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I recently repadded a Haynes Schwelm which is a Conn student horn made in Mexico in the 7o’s

Most of the tone holes were uneven and I tightened the mechasim quite a bit. By the time I had finished the low b flat was entrancing.

It is not impossible that I got it to play better than when it left the factory. However, this sax has an uninteresting stodgy sound. It dynamics are limited and it doesn’t have the easy blowing quality of the yamaha 23 for example.

It sounds something like a Bundy…

In contrast the Yamaha 23 has beautiful responsiveness, inseparably from dynamics and the easy blowing quality though its tone is a little strident.

On this point the Haynes Schwelm does better possessing as it does a touch of honey in its sound. But what good is this when the rest suffers from the unevolved accostic design Gordon refers to?
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