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Resistence on the Low E flat key

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The low E flat key is harder to press than the other keys. The low C just beneath the E flat key works fine. I've been looking for signs of outher manhandling on all parts connected to the key but I can't find anything.

Is this something Some lube can fix? It's not horrible It's just a little bit harder to press that key and It's a bit annoying.
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With the key pressed down, use a large crochet hook or similar to pull the (key's cradle) end of the spring say 1 mm away from the cradle. Then return it to the cradle. Play test it.

If that does not help, try 2 mm. Etc. If the spring gets too weak, then unhook it from the cradle and bend more curve in it.

But it is quite common for a spring to be over-tensioned to band-aid another problem, e.g. poor pad alignment over the tone hole, to make a "dead" (say over-hardened with age) pad seal better, or to overcome excessive friction in the hinge. If so, these issues need to be properly dealt with first.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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