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Resistence on the Low E flat key

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The low E flat key is harder to press than the other keys. The low C just beneath the E flat key works fine. I've been looking for signs of outher manhandling on all parts connected to the key but I can't find anything.

Is this something Some lube can fix? It's not horrible It's just a little bit harder to press that key and It's a bit annoying.
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It's supposed to be more resistant.
When you press a normally open key closed, it has the force of your finger to hold it closed. A normally closed pad only has the force of the spring to keep it closed.
If such springs are too weak, the pad will be blown open when you play - this is a common cause of problems.

However, there's a minimum force required and anything above that is just adding weight to the action.
If you feel confident enough you can adjust the spring yourself, otherwise take it to a repairer who will be able to slacken off the spring for you.

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