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Resistance and necks...

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Over the last year I replaced my stock Mark VI neck with a Boesken bare brass neck, and realized once I got used to the new neck how much less resistance there was. Having a similar experience with a different neck I have picked up for my MArk VI alto as well, and I find it interesting how much I had gotten used to the resistance of the stock neck, and perhaps how I was mistaking that for a core or ring to the sound or something. Anyhow, its eye opening to go back and learn to hear different things in the sound and use the air in a different way with a lot of the bad resistance out of the equation. I am also finding it has thrown off the equation in terms of mouthpiece and reed choice as well--I am having to go back and balance things out differently now. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
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I owned a Mk VI tenor until about 5 months ago, and always I thought it played stuffy. A sax tech could tell by slight lines and broken lacquer on the neck that it had been bent down. He bent it back up a bit by hand, and I thought even that rough adjustment had some effect on how the horn blew.
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