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Hey saxphone-world,

I know I haven't been around the forum much in the past years, but I wanted to stop by and share some fun news. First, I have a new recording coming out, hopefully before the end of the year, called Tane and Anahera. It features a set of tunes for octet and quintet, and the octet music is based on a sci-fi epic that I've written (or least written in my head!). The music has a decidedly futuristic vibe, and the band is fantastic. I'm pumped to share the music with you all.

Second, I've rereleased my recordings. I've had various mishaps with releases in the past, and now they are all cleaned up and available on all of the mainstream music platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc.). Below is one of my favorite tracks from my most recent recording. Here is a link to my artist page on Spotify:

Also, I have descriptions of the music and links to everything on this page:
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