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replies keep disappearing

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I keep responding to a pm from rek and I have retyped and resent the reply about 5 times and every time I send it, there is no trace that it went through. Shouldn't I be able to see it in sent mail? Also I tried to send him a pm and there is no trace of it. I tried on another browser and it still isn't working. I am using Windows 10 and Google Chrome and have never had problems with SOTW in the past.
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I have received and answered several PM lately ( today) with no problem.

There is always the possibility that the person that you are trying to contact has a full postbox or that the member doesn’t accept PM’s

That member appears to accept PM’s and Emails too ( I have messaged him or her on your behalf and linked this thread in the PM), try the second if the first doesn’t work
so apparently all your PM were delivered at once, whether it was the forum’s fault or the email server we may never know
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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