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Hi all
I've recently damaged the neck on my 1988 YAS 62 purple logo horn and need to replace it. I've always liked the edge and bright sound of this horn for funk/fusion/pop etc and am wondering about the best neck to get. I'm using a Theo Wanne Durga metal 10 mouthpiece with size 3.5 Fibracell reeds. I tend to play dark and need a bright setup to compensate. Intonation on this horn isn't bad but it can tend to be a tad sharp from around high C and up if I'm not careful.

I can get a G1 for a pretty decent price but have also seen some great reviews of the V1. I also see that Yamaha has the E1 and C1 models.

I don't want a warmer sound than the original neck and don't play much trad jazz. I want a focused tone with great intonation and easy altissimo. My main issue is that I live in Australia and there are no stores in my area (Gold Coast, QLD) - let alone state - that has Yamaha alto necks to trial. Even in Sydney and Melbourne, I'd be extremely hard-pressed to find anyone with multiple necks to trial, and so I'm basically going to have to go by the recommendations of you guys.

I don't mind spending extra on silver etc but my primary consideration is tone and intonation. I've had the horn since 1989 and am gutted that I have to get a new neck but I'm getting what I need and not worrying overly much about the $$.

Does anyone have recommendations?

The G1 neck might suit your aspirations. I got one for the YAS62 I used to have and found it a bit brighter and freer blowing than the original neck. Yes, you will need to make an extension to the octave key pin which can be done with a piece of metal or plastic tube.
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