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Hi Eulipion2,

A professional bassoonist will virtually always buy a third-party bocal. Using a "stock" bocal would be like using the stock mouthpiece that came with your saxophone--it might work okay, but you can do much better. And, unfortunately, buying a bassoon bocal is as bewildering as buying a saxophone mouthpiece.

For a beginner, I think the Woodwind and the Brasswind sells a Linton bocal for 60 or 70 bucks, and it comes in one "standard" size. It is probably acceptable for someone just getting started, and if you're getting a cheap bassoon it might not be worth spending more. No guarantees that you will play in tune, though.

If you really want something better, be prepared to spend $200 at minimum (Fox makes good ones), but don't bother unless you can get a fine bassoonist to help you try some out.

As far as replacement parts, I expect your local repair shop will be able to get parts for any model oboe or bassoon that is widely played, and may be able to adapt or fabricate some parts for less-common models.

Good luck!
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