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Saxdakota writes on their site

Adolph Sax invented saxophones that were only straight. Years later, they were 're-shaped' for ease of playing. This Straight Alto sax is the finest modern version of what Adolph designed over 150 years ago. Solid Stainless Steel rods guarantee fast/secure key pad closure. Double key arms enhance the smooth action of all keys and tables. This is a new beginning for players who want their own identity in sound, performance and recognition.

This is really not true, in so many ways it isn't!

The first instrument on the 1846 patent looks like an Ophiclede and it is a bass, but it doesn't look like an Asian made straight alto ( possibly Chinese) which they sell as model SDAS-1020


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I guess 'what it is' depends on its importance. In this case, it is very unimportant to the saxophone world and the world at large. But that 'straight' alto looks cool! Like a giant version of my soprano, which in turn is a copy of the 'Tipped-Bell' Buescher soprano.
But to the point, it makes sense that Sax produced re-curved altos and larger saxes because their original and primary purpose was to be used in military/marching bands. The saxes had to be 'folded' in order to make this practical.

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What makes it hearsay?

Calling the Dakota story "hearsay" that has been repeated suggests that these Dakota folks did not just make it up, but heard it somewhere.

It seems to me at least as likely that they created the story first hand, rather than repeating what they had heard elsewhere.

Is there an earlier version of this claim that all of the original sax designs were straight?

Smells like Dakota is just heaping up the fertilizer, hoping something (sales of product) will grow.

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"Net wisdom"

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Marketing!!!! It Doesn't have to be true - it just has to get you talking about the product. Hey guess what - their marketing worked because they now have YOU talking about their product!! If 1 person thought this instrument was cool enough to buy one who other wise never heard of it before reading this thread - then their marketing worked!!!

Boy do I love this world we live in - (NOT!!!!)
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