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The metal ring on my Ralph Morgan Excalibur 7E tenor mouthpiece is loose and twists off when I remove the mouthpiece from the neck. Would it damage the piece to use a strong glue to keep it from sliding off?
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I play a 9EL on tenor myself, and have sold many Morgans, so I am quite familiar with them.
I would favor putting a small piece of paper between the band and the mouthpiece to tighten the fit. The Excalibur mouthpieces are internally the same as Morgan's other Jazz models but the outside is trimmed down to add brightness/volume/etc. This makes the shank thinner, requiring the band to keep it from splitting. If you just glue it, it will not be tight enough to do any good. If you make a paper shim, it will add the necessary tension.
thanks! that did the trick
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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