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Repair tects that are really old and still working

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O good thing about repairing horns is that it can be done by tecks that are really old. I have known tecks in their nineties still doing good repair work.

In my case I am seventy-four and still at it and have no plans to retire. It is the type of work that you can do if you still have use of all your senses. It is no problem.

I see it this way. A day is twenty-four hours...eight for sleeping....eight for working ...and the other eight to relax and have fun. Why retire.

Some people dream all their life of reaching sixty-five so they can retire. Not me.I guess I will die while I am repairing a horn.
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74, heck, I've got horns older than you! :D
I retired at 23 when I quit my last desk job! Good #¢!!ing riddance too.

Thank dog we live in an age where there is more than one work ethic to follow!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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