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Renew Silver Mattte Finish?

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I have an old (1925) Buescher TruTone alto with silver plate. Got it cheap, it' s in pretty good condition and I really like it. But - I've seen some pictures of gorgeous restored TT's and notice the lovely matte finish. Over the years my finish has gradually been smoothed out, so it's halfway between polished and matte. So... is it reasonable to restore the plating to a nice matte by, for instance, glass bead blasting? I don"t think this will abrade the finish, just put tiny dents in it but I've never tried this on a silver plated object. Has anyone tried doing this? I certainly don't want to damage the horn, but it sure would be nice to have it looking like some of the beauties I've seen on SOTW.
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I believe the mfg process was that the brass horn was bead blasted first - then the plating was applied over the dimpled brass.

I'm not sure if it would give you the desired effect if you beat blasted the original silver plate.

Nuthin wrong with a horn that looks like it's been played though..
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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