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removing octave key on Yamaha 23 alto

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One video posted on this site re: recorking a neck suggested removing the octave key to avoid damaging it. Thought I might do that, but the simple screw removed in the video doesn’t seem to exist on my yas 23. I’m pretty sure I can recork without removing the octave key, but now I’m curious about how I would go about removing it? Advice much appreciated.
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Stop the press! He’s not armed, but he could be dangerous, so just back away slowly and avoid eye contact. I guess the main problem is with brain wiring, not neck hardware. I woke up this morning to realize that the neck I’m (slowly and hesitantly) recorking is on my Armstrong tenor. Nevertheless, the wayward (at least for me...) screw is more or less in the same place on both instruments, once I look carefully enough and know exactly where to look, so my curiosity is satisfied. Turf, you might be right about caution around sharp tools, albeit for different reasons! Thanks to all for helping me struggle along.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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