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Removing G# trill key

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I have a 1925 Buescher C melody with the G# trill key. Can this key be removed to cause the action of the G# to become lighter and faster?
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Well, removal of that key was apparently quite common for a time, as I have gotten in many a Conn, Boosh, etc. which had the key gone.

I cannot off top of my head remember the mechanics of a 20's Boosh alt G#....but if it was like Conn's, it was simply a matter of removing the keytouch and barrel (which was mounted on 2 posts hiding under the lower stack posts).

If that is the case with the Boosh...there would be 'no harm done' (as long as you keep the key and the mounting screws/rods).

As noted by others, not sure this would 'improve' the action of the pinky G# touch, tho...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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