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Although Dick Drake died in 1997, because I had lost contact with him long ago I only recently found about it, so would like to memorialize him here. For those who never knew him Dick was a well known working jazz and R&B professional in Madison, Wisconsin and Chicago from the early '60s on. He played tenor but doubled on bari and flute with equal ease. He was a born leader and fronted a number of groups playing jazz, particularly ones with Ben Sidran on piano and George Brown on drums, as well as the Fabulous Imitations, an R&B group that included Tracy Nelson (later of Mother Earth) as lead vocalist, which was one hot band while it lasted. Later on, billing himself as Fat Richard, he became part of the Chicago music scene with his group, Fat Richard's Blues Band. Dick was a great musician, a great friend and roommate, and a musical mentor to many. For an all around bon vivant and life-loving guy, merely resting in peace would never do, so Dick, may you keep on playing the music you loved forever.
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