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Rehearsing online via JamKazam during Covid-19 times

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In this strange new reality we now live in, has someone tried rehearsing live with your bandmates online via e.g. JamKazam or other software? Providing you have a good 64-bit machine directly linked with Ethernet cable to you modem? You will probably also need an audio convertor (mic -> USB).

My band mates only live some 20 km away, so latency could be just manageable.

Anyone with experience on this topic?
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I used Jamulus, similar setup under Windows 10 with a Mackie Onyx-2 interface. We played with a friend 3000 miles away in Canada and did not suffer latency issues.
A strange thing in Jamulus is that the sessions are open so people can jump in and out of the session. Most are quite courteous about asking if they can join. You have the option of muting them if desired.
If it helps, we found that dropping our own volume down seems to help the latency issue if present. It does NOT affect your ability to monitor yourself through your headphones if your interface has its own control. Put another way, your sound goes into your interface and comes back through the headphones to you without going through the computer, through the internet and back.
I don't believe that Jamulus has a means to play the WAV files. That is an advantage for JamKazam.
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