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Rehearsing online via JamKazam during Covid-19 times

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In this strange new reality we now live in, has someone tried rehearsing live with your bandmates online via e.g. JamKazam or other software? Providing you have a good 64-bit machine directly linked with Ethernet cable to you modem? You will probably also need an audio convertor (mic -> USB).

My band mates only live some 20 km away, so latency could be just manageable.

Anyone with experience on this topic?
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Tried Jamulus with 3 others last night. Kinda worked. Our pianist was using a USB mic and had long latency. He really couldn't play with us, too far behind. Not so bad for the rest of us.

I installed a private server on my home machine, and even with a good connection the latency was too long.

Quite a few people report success, including a big band, so I'm going to give it another try after our pianist makes adjustments.
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