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Rehearsing online via JamKazam during Covid-19 times

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In this strange new reality we now live in, has someone tried rehearsing live with your bandmates online via e.g. JamKazam or other software? Providing you have a good 64-bit machine directly linked with Ethernet cable to you modem? You will probably also need an audio convertor (mic -> USB).

My band mates only live some 20 km away, so latency could be just manageable.

Anyone with experience on this topic?
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I am trying this approach with Jamulus. The nice thing with that program is you can see ping time and total round trip delay for different servers.

HOWEVER I think the only way to play such that that the sound mix is correctly synchronized for all band members is to listen to yourself in the mix on headphones and NOT to listen to yourself live and the others in the mix, and adjust timing such that you are all together. (I am making a first order assumption that everyone playing has the same delay, but this can be approximately true within a few ms when players live close together.) A difficulty is that the the round trip delay we can realize is of the order of 35-40ms, so the sounds we produce need to be initiated 35-40ms earlier from when we will hear them in the headphones. This is quite a long time to anticipate.

I understand low brass players, and probably contrabass sax players, need to normally anticipate a fair amount. Are there also significant lags in studio and concert headphone/in-ear monitors? (Probably nothing this long.)

Has anyone tried this sort of thing in remote rehearsing/jamming?

We may be able to reduce the round trip delay by installing a private server.
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