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Rehearsing online via JamKazam during Covid-19 times

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In this strange new reality we now live in, has someone tried rehearsing live with your bandmates online via e.g. JamKazam or other software? Providing you have a good 64-bit machine directly linked with Ethernet cable to you modem? You will probably also need an audio convertor (mic -> USB).

My band mates only live some 20 km away, so latency could be just manageable.

Anyone with experience on this topic?
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Hello SoulMate. A friend and I did some testing with JamKazam. It is as you say: you need a pretty good machine and direct ethernet connection, not Wi-Fi, and also an audio interface. I have an inexpensive Alesis Multimix 6 USB audio interface and a Windows 10 laptop, and the JamKazam software gave it the thumbs-up as an acceptable hardware setup...once I plugged it into the router directly. I used one microphone for my saxophone and another for talking and of course headphones...all plugged into the Multimix 6. My friend played guitar and his wife sang a couple of jazz standards. We also were able to use backing tracks...JamKazam recognizes WAV files and will bring them in and play them for you. My friend lives 30 miles from me, and I would say there was no problem with latency. We even turned on our video cameras and added that to the network burden and it generally worked pretty smoothly. You can tell the software is still under development. Sometimes it freezes up, or maybe you make a wrong click and things go sideways. But it generally works. My friend said he had done some testing with an old band he had been in, and the more people (at different locations) they added, the worse it got. That makes sense I guess. But for two locations, like we did, it pretty much worked. But I have to say its pretty fiddly and I hope he doesn't want to do that frequently!
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