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Refacer who offers quantity discount?

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Does anyone know of a good refacer that offers quantity discount?

I have a few dozen of mouthpieces that are in need of different repairs.
New biteplates, chipped tips, flattening of tables etc.
Lots of different kinds of work on both newer and vintage pieces.

Preferably in Europe but outside EU is also fine!
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Yes. It's to sell (if I don't choose to keep one for myself).
Most of the pieces are in need of minor work, such as new biteplate, tip repair or improvement of the curve. Nothing too expensive.
I prefer to sell pieces in playable condition. I won't make more money this way. But I won't lose much either.
But I do get happy customers with great mouthpieces! That's a good thing!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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