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Refaced mps, my first experience

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I just got them back. 2 dull and dead STMs I recently decided to have refaced, to give them a chance not to remain in a drawer. I had bought them cheap on a local auction site.
1. Alto STM 7*
2. Tenor STM 8 (not the one I currently play)
The refacer I chose for commodity, being in Switzerland, is Jo Schnabl, Mouthepice-Pro.
Germany is close to Switzerland (wirklich ?), and postal services are fast and reliable.
After a first contact by mail, I sent him the mps, and then I explained my expectations by mail.
Alto: bring it back to life, as I have actually never come across a somehow playable alto STM. Jo told me that Sonny Stitt used to play on a STM on alto, which I had never realized.
Tenor: make it THE lush low-end + harmonics mp.
He checked the mps, confirming they were stock and probably from the 80s. Another mail exchange where Jo detailed the work he was planning, and ... there we go.
I got them back, nicely packed in small foam tubes, like those used to insulate plumbing pipes.
First comment: the machining is very nice and smooth, great high precision job. The bare brass looks through, as well as the thin silver layer at certain places.
Second comment: my tenor is currently at the workshop, therefore it doesn't make much sense to check the tenor mp on the tech's Elimona.
So: let's go for the alto !
First impression: the Légère reed looks strange on that shiny mp, usually I play a black HR mp. On the first couple of notes, I'm immediately struck by the easiness. The whole range just pops out without effort. Strangely, the STM seems to project a bit less than my stock Meyer 7M. What about the lig ? I adjust the Rico H I use on my tenor STM, and ... magic, it works. The mp now has that similar behaviour tenor STMs have: roundish as long as you play gently, but building up some edge as soon as you push.
Great job, Mr Jo ! I'm gonna love that alto piece.
A suivre ... (once my tenor's back home).
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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