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Ref. 54 Model 74

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Where is the cheapest place to by this horn as I'd love to get one but am strapped for cash on a student's budget. I have $200 in pocket change and want to sell my selmer stencils as a set for $2500-$3000 CAD. Also will receive minor parental funding of +- $1000. I have seen them for $4950 USD at Kessler & Sons. Anywhere cheaper?
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I forgot to mention I was looking for a tenor.
Make sure you buy from a dealer who sets it up well or you will be shelling out even more money. Saxquest isnt the lowest price but Randy Jones does an incredible setup job on the horns. Its worth a couple of hundred.
Is that who you got yours from sig?
Saxquest. Beautifully setup. Tight as a has stayed that way too!

Has them on sale. I cant vouch for their setups.
If I get it, I know that my local tech can do that sort of thing. Brought my current back-up, then primary alto in for a tune-up after I first got it 4 years ago. Stopped using it as a primary in November when I got my CB Stone Series for my BD. Never went out of alignment. I guess its the fact that the guy worked in an instrument facory in the former USSR pounding out horns for the Red Army marching band.
^Good deal
And that means?
Price, tech's experience, his workmanship?
I have had good luck and great pricing from Saxforte. The only catch is that sales are basically final. (i.e. you can't buy it just to try it, a fact that has been discussed/debated ad nauseum elsewhere on this forum.) Mathew is great to deal with.
If your going to spend the money Id still say go with Saxquest. A pro horn really deserves a work over before it is in your hands and RJ does a lot of setting up that many techs dont. Ive played several 54's since I got mine. I have to say mine outplays them all in terms of overall feel. Also, Ive logged a lot of hours and probably 2 years now on it without springing a significant leak...and I check. I figure Ive saved my money in tech trips through this setup (not to mention frustration!)

....I just cant say enough good things about my experience with Randy setting up my horn. A well setup sax is a joy in itself!
The Saxquest price, considering it includes a setup, looks excellent. I bought a vintage horn from them that they had restored, and it was _perfect_ right out of the box. (And I am very very picky....)
Sigmund451 said:
....I just cant say enough good things about my experience with Randy setting up my horn. A well setup sax is a joy in itself!
Your not kidding. I tell you my tech is missing things on my horns left and right and charging me the big bucks to do piddley work. Better to get the horn into some that really goes over it and makes it play right the first time.

Nothing more frustrating then having a horn that leaks or doesn't feel right and your repairman (who is well known and respected) can't fix the things wrong with it the first time around. I had one of my soprano's in the shop for two months and told the guy I would be there on a certain day to pick it up. I get to the shop the dude says he's working on the horn right now, he tells me to go get something to eat and he'll be finished with it in a couple of hours. Charges me $150 to replace three pads and swedge a side C key....get home and the horn leaks and plays like crap...plays worse then it did before it went in the shop. Get this the guys is farting around on the interenet when I come back to pick up my horn.

I really want to learn how to do all my own work. I can do quite a bit myself, but pad replacement is tricky, but I feel i'd like to learn so I don't have to put up with this kind of stuff.
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Heath, no double posting.
I need continued help as my parental unit needs lowest possible new price. Don't know why. Found one at ProWinds for $4650. Much lower that WWBW/Music123
Slightly used but still rather mint models can be bought for around 3700 give or take.
Cannonball&CmelGuy said:
I need continued help as my parental unit needs lowest possible new price. Don't know why. Found one at ProWinds for $4650. Much lower that WWBW/Music123
Personally I'm surprised that anyones parents would plunk that kind of cash down for a saxophone. You've got nice parents as I had to buy my best horns with my own money earned. Kind of hard to mow enough lawns in a summer for a $4800 dollar horn though. Luckily back then you could pickup up a VI for $2000.
If I had a kid I wouldn't hand him/her a horn of that value, I'd probably get them a nice used Yani.

Personally in your case I'd buy used and get it set up. Of course set ups cost money and there's tons of people that do less than quality work.

What are these Selmer stencil horns that you're trying to flip for $3000.
I agree with all the recommendations to get the horn properly set-up. Having it done so can be like getting a completely different horn. Set-up appears to be especially important for Selmers (though I don't own one - this is just based on reading on this Forum). So if price is that much of an issue, I'd agree that you should go with a used one from either Saxquest or directly from Tenor Madness. My vintage alto and bari were both set up by Tenor Madness, and they are an absolute pleasure to play. Seems like Tenor Madness carries used modern instruments to an even greater degree than Saxquest, but that just may have been true the last few times I looked.
If you want a horn set up by TenorMadness (Randy Jones), consider buying it from him directly. If you don't see one listed, give him a call and ask. He is constantly moving horns - taking trade-ins on his fantastic inventory of tenors. If you get it from SaxQuest, you are paying Mark Overton for Randy's work anyhow.
OK, I'll do your homework for you...

This the model with vintage lacquer (not matte finish).

"One of the best new tenors available today. This sax has a big dark tone similar to some of my good five digit tenors. Please call specifically for modifications available for this horn 319-266-6642"


The used 54 on his website already sold.

Call him. Now.
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