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Reeds & Jody Jazz DV NY

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All you guys and gals who are crazy about your Jody Jazz DV NY. What reeds and what ligatures are you using with this thing?

I bought a used one thinking it was just a darker Jody Jazz DV. I think the DV is awesome but its just way to bright. The DV NY is a whole 'nother animal but I'm not counting it out yet.

Any reed and lig Suggestions are welcome!!
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I have both pieces and use the Rovner lig which was supplied. The Vandoren ZZ 3.5 works best for me.

Good luck!
I've had good results with both a Rovner ED II lig and an FL Ultimate lig on my tenor DV.
I use V16s with either the Rovner dark or an EDII on my alto DV.

Oops, edit. Mine's not a NY or a tenor piece. Oh well, just trying to pad the post stats while Gary's away.
Rico and Rico Royals.
My buddy Tim (saxamophoneman) is using a DV NY and uses "Robertos" reeds and Vandoren Blue Box.
I use V16 3s on my DV & DV NY 8*s with the supplied Rovners. Very good.
The regular vandorens 2 1/2 are ok so far. It's not knocking my socks off yet. Any other suggestions?
LaVoz M's, MH's or Rico Jazz Selects with a Vandoren Optimum ligature (need to put a clear patch on top of the mouthpiece to fit well, but worth it IMO).

If you were to ask Jody (and he will respond to emails through his website), he typically recommends Rico Jazz Selects - a half-strength or so harder than you'd typically use for the same tip opening on another 'piece.

This thing prefers harder, darker reeds to my ears. Reeds that are too light, bright, or inherently buzzy sound just awful to me on the DVNY...very kazoo-like...a very expensive kazoo.

With the right reed this thing can sing...and the bottom end is butter.
I play on a DV 7*. Before the DV i had a refaced Link which was very big and i was using V16 #2's which worked perfect. Now i had asked my friend John Isley (Movin out Tour) what he was using and he said Rico Jazz 3H-4H. A mustual friend gets them specialy made and uses a 5. Andy Snitzer uses a 4 orange box. I tried my trusty 2's which i blew right through. Went up to a 3 and same thing. The 3+1/2's are much better but i may also try a 4. Ya need a harder reed for the DV's. Which is weird cause i alwasys thought big opening=smaller reed. Anyway this piece is not for the timid. I use the DV not the NYDV but i can telll ya, its definitely a rock mouthpiece.
On my DV NY I have been using RJS 3H,and Vandoren ZZ's 3-31/2 with a rovner dark Lig,,same set up with my DV as well.
I use the ligature that came with the mpc.

I'm using Francios Louis reeds (from Roberto's).
They work well with that piece for me and they are very consistent.

They last well too.
So, I'm considering a DV NY........everyone think it was worth the dough?
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