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Reed strength suggestion on ALTA Ambipoly Tenor Saxophone Reed - Classic?

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Considering buying the ALTA Ambipoly Tenor Saxophone Reed Classic which I can order through my local music shop. I currently play 2.5 Ricoh, La Voz Med-Soft. I also have Select Jazz 2H which are a bit too strong for me. I'm thinking either the 2.5 or the 2+ for the ALTA. As they are expensive and will take awhile to get to me I'd like to hopefully order the right strength from the get go. Any suggestions?

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If you're currently playing jazz-style cane reeds, why are you trying the Alta Classic rather than the Alta Jazz model? The Classic sounds nice, but is pretty resistant.

As to strength, I haven't tried the Alta Classic on tenor, but I have tried it on alto and soprano. My comments, along with those of other early testers, are in this thread:
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