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Reed strength for Phil Tone mouthpieces?

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I have limited experience with Phil Tone mouthpieces, but the four I’ve owned all seemed to like harder reeds than other mouthpieces I have with comparable tip openings, possibly he puts somewhat longer facings on his mouthpieces than some other makers. Most recently I acquired one of his Jazzmaster pieces in a trade, and it really doesn’t like the same reeds as my Tenney Jazzmaster in the same tip opening. Similarly the Eclipse, Mosaic and Tribute I had seemed to like harder reeds than the original Link and Dukoff pieces they were “modeled” after. Has anyone else found this to be true?
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Phil already weighed in with the truth!
Owning four is "limited" experience : ) ?
I found metal 7* Tribute and Mosaic behaved exactly as I expected like other 7*s I have such as HR and metal by Matt Marantz.
On the other hand, my 7 .100" HR Sapphire acted as a 7* with respect to optimal reed strength, and Neff also commented that his 7 trial piece played more like a 7* for him.
But of course biologically-variable reed strength and response is not a precise quality across manufacturers or even perfectly consistent within a brand box of five, right? I love Jazz Select filed 3S on my forever Mosaic, but BSS 2.5 on a HR MM Slant Legacy.
The best news, as you probably already know, is that Phil is phenomenally responsive and will work with you to tailor a piece to your exact desires.
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