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Reed strength for Phil Tone mouthpieces?

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I have limited experience with Phil Tone mouthpieces, but the four I’ve owned all seemed to like harder reeds than other mouthpieces I have with comparable tip openings, possibly he puts somewhat longer facings on his mouthpieces than some other makers. Most recently I acquired one of his Jazzmaster pieces in a trade, and it really doesn’t like the same reeds as my Tenney Jazzmaster in the same tip opening. Similarly the Eclipse, Mosaic and Tribute I had seemed to like harder reeds than the original Link and Dukoff pieces they were “modeled” after. Has anyone else found this to be true?
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I think its like boxers and briefs...the choice is very personal. Some players prefer them with medium or lighter setups. They are faced properly and baffles anre hand dialed in so that may account for feeling comfortable with harder reeds.
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