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Reed question on metal mouthpiece...

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Just a little quandry. My sound doesn't seem to be bothered, but you know how it is. I played a Link STM for my first six months, but don't remember if this was the case or not.

So, A little background: For the last six years I have played nothing but non-metal tenor mouthpieces. I have tried out the occasional metal link or whatever, but never played anything more than a few minutes. The other day I got a metal mouthpiece from a forum member, and I am liking it. A funny thing happens when I play it though:

When I remove the ligature to change reeds the end with the "bark" on it is bone dry. The vibrating/ cut end is wet like normal, just the butt of the reed is dry.

Is this just a metal mouthpiece thing?

Is it because the table is perfectly flat (yes, I had it checked)?

I have noticed when taking a look at the other mouthpieces I own (all non-metal), that the tables on all of them are ever-so slightly concave, and when I am done playing the whole reed is thoroughly soaked.

Perhaps this concavity is to accomodate some level of swelling of the reed?

I think that compared to most people I know, I stay well hydrated, and if the condensation in the neck is any measure: I have no shortage of hot air. :mrgreen:

Yes, I did a google search and I scanned the first 15-18 pages of the reeds sub-forum, so please don't make the usual "use the search function" comments...Steve

Oh, I do place my reeds in a flat holder to dry out while not playing...Mold is gross, and I haven't found any method that works better for me yet.
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And, did Jon Van Wie ever work on your rubber pieces? He was a proponent of the dished table.
Lamberson, too...
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