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Reed History Question

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I think I asked this question to the forum a while back but I never received a response so I'll try again...For all of you reed connosiuers...

Anyone know the history of the transition from French cut to American cut reeds? French cut is like a RJS UNFILED if I'm not mistaken and American cut is like a RJS FILED....

I'm wondering if the UNFILED reed was the norm for classical and Jazz players alike until the advent of the FILED cut...what was the impetus for introducting the FILED cut...

Just curious here...not doing a research paper on it or anything...

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It's the other way round, "French Cut" means filed, "American Cut" means unfiled.

No idea when that started.
Do you think the difference in cut may have come during the transition from classical playing to a more 'modern' style. I've noticed that the heart of a French cut is more pronounced lending a darker, more centered tone. While the heart of an American cut is thinner and more flexable as far as tone goes.

I tend to swap cuts depending on what style music I'm playing. French for classical, American for community band, and Pit orchestra. This is on clarinet mind you. For sax I prefer the sound I get with French cut.

This is only my personal experience, others may have a different view.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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