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Hi All,

I've been a proud owner of a bam/selmer case for many years - the one like the silver hytech, but it's black, and only for low-a horns.

It's not without its hangups but has been great for my mark vi, overall. I added an extra latch to the bottom, as the plastic was slowly warping into a gap, now it closes up real nice.

The padding has compressed over the 12+ I've been using it. it's gone on tours, and public transit, and been stellar at each point, but the padding is now loose, allowing for movement. I've added some padding to compensate, and it's now come to the point that I should just redo the interior entirely. I've done some research, but resources that I've found leave something to be desired. I'm not keen on buying a new case, as the cost is crazy.

The project has 3 elements, all of which I'm open to some practical input:
1) sourcing the right kind of padding,
2) installation and formation of said padding,
3) upholstery

#3 seems like the simplest to solve for, with everything from Pete Thomas' leopard print fuzzy lining, to microfibre cloth. I'm more concerned about #1 and #2, especially given the weight of a baritone.

Important to me is padding to prevent movement, soft enough for shock absorption - rigidity to prevent movement inside the case.

I found a product from smooth-on that seems interesting - flex foam. The appeal is that it would be the perfect shape, and with different densities out there, finding the right rigidity shouldn't be an issue. However, suspending a cling-wrapped baritone in this stuff is a bit daunting, to say the least. I would also likely have to do this in two steps - one for each half shell. I'd be interested in advice from the community about any similar experiences with this stuff, or pragmatic approaches to attaining the end-goal.

Alternatively, if you think I'm overthinking this and has an alternative that works great, I'm interested in hearing about it. there's lots of padding out there, so please be as specific as you can, as I definitely don't want something too soft.

Appreciate any and all help on this.

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Well, it is going to be hello of a job!

Are you talking of the entire lining (including the lager bump-pads or are those salvageable?)

Have you considered Neoprene? It comes in many shapes and forms but also by the meter , some also lined by fabric, thicknesses vary from very thin to several mm.
It has advantages over foam because foam tends to wear out and crumble (depending on quality) , it is probably not cheap but you can find it in many colors and even prints.

I assume you will carefully remove the lining and use that to make a template. In case the task reveals itself to be too daunting you may try to find a professional upholsterer who deals in neoprene , maybe someone in the automotive industry or boats?


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I was having some difficulty finding an upholsterer comfortable or willing to work on this project. the neoprene example might be worth checking out, ill have to explore it in more detail.

I read here about someone using some expanding foam, in a plastic bag, which at least gives me an idea of how to go about the framework of this project.
I would do this piece by piece:

A) removing section
B) fill bag with expanding foam, leaving plenty of room for the inevitable expansion. probably got a double-bag this one, no room for mistakes.
C) place bag in case. place baritone in case to allow foam to take the right shape.
D) Close case and let it expand/set.
E) remove piece from bag (if possible?)
F) Glue foam into case

Rinse repeat. then upholster.

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I believe the best protection will be to have a fairly stiff material right next to the horn, to maintain its shape and press on the largest possible surface area; then a softer material between the stiff material and the case shell, to give it a spring element in case of shock.

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If you intend to replace the lining with any other material in a roll , i'd remove it in one pice and then separate it in all its parts to make a template , removing separate section would probably prevent you making a good template.

I have no experience with soft expanding foam (looked it up on your tube) but as you say , in order to make the copy of the receptacle fitting your horn, at least covered by a plastic bag, In contact with the foam, that looks like having the potential to make a real mess of the thing.

You may be able to remove the bag containing your saxophone if you put some thing like silicone spray

I don't think that I would try that! :unsure:

If you do, make a video!:eek:


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another idea, if you go for the expanding foam (SOFT I hope!)

To make the impression you can put a plastic bag around your saxophone then with a vacuum claener suck out all the air so that it would adhere as much as possible to the shape of your horn, still there will be some creases but they will be very small

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Have you tried contacting BAM to see whether they would sell you replacement padding parts, specific to this case ?

I've got both the BAM HiTech and the same Selmer case as yours. The HiTech holds my 12M and seldom leaves the house but my Selmer gets used a lot more - I guess it's about seven or eight years old and wearing well although the hard shell is much more flimsy.


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I sure wish I was still doing furniture upholstery and had retained all my equipment so that I could restore cases.

In the past when I have re-lined cases I used ballistic foam.

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Well I wouldn't contact the dealer but the company in France, distributors and dealers change but the old company should hav kept at least the knowledge that this model had existed (It doesn't mean that they have spares available)

BAM SAS (Head Office)
Rue de la Vignerie
14160 Dives-sur-Mer
Tel : +33 (0)2 31 24 64 64
Fax : +33 (0)2 31 24 55 72
Email : [email protected]

T +33 (0)2 31 24 64 64
F +33 (0)2 31 24 55 72
M [email protected]

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Maybe it's also possible that the case doesn't need a full reupholster, but just for a little bit of padding to be added under the lining in strategic places? Or even a layer of soft foam (memory foam?) just under the liner to take up some of the slack but that will still allow the horn to fall into the same indentations that exist currently?

It could also be worth contacting Mike Manning or someone about a full or partial reupholster to see what it would cost. Might be worth spending the money to save the time, though I suppose a lot of us have a lot more free time at home for this stuff these days.

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@dirty - your suggestion is what has kept this thing going for the last few years. its kind of a hodge-podge situation at this point, with several additions of memory foam in various places and should really be properly dealt with at this point. I'm also more of a do-it-yourselfer (within reason), and this seems like something that should be doable.
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