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Hi All,

a number of years ago, i repadded an American Standard [King?] metal clarinet with red leather pads
in keeping with the previous repad from many many years previous. Well, it time once again
and i'm wondering if anyone might have an idea where i could replenish my stock of red leather pads.
Any techs out there working on saxes and clarinets who might have some lying about or can point me in the right direction?

thanks to everyone for an all ways interesting forum!

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i just saw a modern aquilasax c-melody soprano,which has red pads...maybe you can contact them and ask?
just a thought...
otherwise,i have never seen them only on really bad indian made saxes,and you don't want those pads for sure!!!!!

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Exactly, Dolnet had bright red pads and Grassi bright green pads.

Nico Bodewes ( a tech in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) makes his own and can virtually do so with any color leather you want ( if he can get the leather in that colr).

See him making a pad at the beginning of this video.


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He's quite the pack rat. :)
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