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Sorry for the confusing subject line, but I have posted videos to YouTube that feature my recent recordings. Unfortunately, I was not rolling video during the actual performances. Still, I wanted to get them up on YouTube, and to do that I had to make videos, so I did:

Solar Voyage Suite (part 1)
Solar Voyage Suite (part 2)
Fire Dance

Solar Voyage Suite had to be cut in (roughly) half because it is nearly 20 minutes long.

Both recordings feature my 1919 Buescher C-Melody with the 1923 neck. Solar Voyage Suite also has soprano sax, my voice, and various methods of abusing the electronics -- feedback, banging on the microphone, turning dirty volume controls, etc. The video for both was generated by Milkdrop while playing back the recordings. I really should take video the next time I do something like "Solar Voyage", it really was performance art as well as music.

The last recording got a slideshow treatment, similar to the way I did "My One and Only Love", and at least has ONE picture of me actually playing it. There are far more shots of the horn than of me, but that's as it should be. :) No wild-eyed altissimo in this one either.

'Round Midnight

The True-Tone C has become my primary horn, and I am more comfortable on it than I have been on any other horn I've ever played. That includes some Mark VIs (alto and bari) and brand new S80 (bari). It is astonishingly agile in altissimo, for a design from 1914. The left hand pinky cluster required a lot of hacking, and it STILL sucks (just slightly less). That's just about the only thing actually WRONG with this instrument, and it's just something I live with.
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