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Recording on a mobile

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Eventually I will look for a decent recording microphone but for now I would like to record myself for a quick self assessment of my progress and to send to others for critique.
I have tried recording using my mobile in various rooms in the house. The toilet which is where I practice is obviously hideous for recording with noise bouncing around everywhere. The lounge is more dead but my mobile only picks up a one dimensional flat layer of the tone and sounds nothing like I really sound ( at least I hope not). It also seems that the volume clips the recording which leads to a further loss of quality despite my attempts to play quietly.

I would like to know if there are any tips for recording quickly and cheaply just for the purposes of listening back to my work. Where should I place the mobile? Etc
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I recently bought a Zoom Q2n. It does video and stereo audio, though you can turn off either. You can set the gain manually, which phones usually don't allow, and you can blow at it like hell without having the sound clipped. I do most of my small stuff with it these days.

Recent project, I'm the tenor guy with the blue shirt, solo at 4:48

This one is for last March's TOTM, the Zoom was on my desk on a small stand.

The room is full of books, has curtains, the sound I get is reasonably dry.
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