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Recording of Dahl concerto here

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I posted a reply in the "Post your classical recordings here" also. Anyway, if you want to hear a fantastic recording of the Dahl, you can download it here
Movements 1-2
Movement 3

It is the professor of Saxophone at Sam Houston State University, Dr. Scott. D. Plugge playing with the SHSU wind ensemble who I am currently studying with.

EDIT: I meant that When I posted it took about 2 hours to actually post to the board. I found out in the FAQ it was because my post was screened for spamming.
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I wouldn't mind listening to the third movement...
Post Deleted (The third movement is up now)
You won't always get responses on any forum in seconds.
So many views and so few replies... Any comments on the recording? It's a favorite of mine and I'm wondering what you guys think.

Thank you so much for this post. I will be sending to a few of his old students up here in CT. I was a student of Dr. Plugge's. I have told him to him to get a cd out there so people can hear him more. His tone is impeccable. If anyone is looking for an unbelivable player/teacher Dr. Plugge is it.

applause at the this a live, unedited recording? If so, when/where?
This is a live, only slightly edited recording (edited to insert tracks). It was recorded at Mance Park Middle School auditorium, about a year and a few months ago.

EDIT: I agree, I am biased but I happen to think Dr. Plugge is one of the best. He approved of me posting the recording and was wondering what everyone had to say, though noone has said much. Its good to run into a fellow plugge student though.
Wow, some names that bring back memories! SHSU-went to school there, Mance Park-went to school there, many many moons ago.

I will check out the recordings when I get home.
you study with harley rex?
I started with Scott in CT in 94. Myself and two other students followed him to TX in 97.
was talkin to aresnic, i talked to plugge and he said you'd called him, always nice to meet a fellow pluggenout (made that up on the spot.)
amart565 said:
was talkin to aresnic, i talked to plugge and he said you'd called him, always nice to meet a fellow pluggenout (made that up on the spot.)
I know, I was just giving my background with him. I have listened to the recording 50 times already and all my students have heard it. Thanks again.

PRACTICE YOUR [email protected]# OFF!:D

Finally got a chance to give it a listen, very nice, wish I could play that well!

I didn't study with Harley Rex, I majored in math and chemistry when I did go to school. When I was in jr high and high school, both him and Fisher Tull would sometimes drop by. I did take lessons with one of Dr Rex's students.
The recording is as close to flawless by the soloist that I've heard, im surprised theres not more responses here to be honest.
He told me he thought it was about a B+ performance for him on this piece.
I'd love to hear Delangle play the Dahl...That would be interesting...
Plugge's B+ is everyone else's 99% though... the performance is stellar, and it still could have been better in his eyes.
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