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I have never recorded anything but have read a bit about it. Right now I’m more confused than enlightened. I would like to go from my sax to a mic, which I haven’t purchased yet, to any electronic device(s) needed, and then to my PC.

If possible I would like to add a delay pedal (guitar effect pedal) to the signal chain.

Here’s what I think might work, in sequence:
1) Shure SM58 or 57, or something else, but need a mic)
2) DI box (is this what will allow me to connect the delay pedal?)
3) Delay pedal (I have an MXR Carbon Copy)
4) Interface (something like a (Focusrite Pro 24)
5) Firewire port on PC

How does this look? Would it work? Please make suggestions to simplify, if possible. Thanks in advance!

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If you're recording, the best way is to record the track dry and add effects later. The digital effects included with most DAWs (digital audio workstations) are far superior to guitar effects.

If you want to add a stomp box to the signal change, the best way is to use an analog mixer to set up an effects loop.

The signal flow looks like this mic>mixer>main out. Aux send>effects device>aux input (or any line level input)>main out. Mix the dry and wet signal how you want them.
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