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Recording and Perception (Everything Saxophone)

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I just put up a post on the importance of recording in our evolution as saxophonists and producers of sound. Check it out.
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It is never a bad idea to record yourself to get an idea about your sound but there are always some things to keep in mind which are having a big influence on your sound:

1. The recording equipment:

- which microphone (e.g. a dynamic one or a condenser, electroacoustical frequency response, is there a frequency boosted or absorbed)

- Which recording device (Tape, software, audiointerface, mixer, preamp)

- are you recording as mp3 or wave and what samplingrate, audiocompression etc.

- The acoustic of the room you are recording yourself in and the distance to the microphone.

2. The equipment you playback your recordings:

- Headphones or speakers (very big influence, take different speakers and on one pair you will like what you hear on another you will sound completely different)

- even different audiosoftware sounds different (i compared cubase to VLC to windows media player and some more and really was astonished about the differences).

I think you have to be aware of this or your judgement on your sound really could be based on wrong audioinformations that you hear and the influence is bigger than you think.
If you know your recording and playback equipment and its influence on the sound very well you are able to judge whether the sound is going in the direction you want it to go. For someone unexperienced this is a little bit dangerous i think and could lead to a lot of frustration if he e.g. thinks he is much to bright, although he isn't, and it is only the microphone or the crappy speakers which are to blame.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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