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Recommended pads for Super Dynaction alto

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I just picked up a Super Dynaction alto that is going to get a full repad, and I’d like recommendations about what would be best choice for general all around performance. I’m not particularly familiar with the SDA sound but I love the Martin and Chu I’ve been playing. Presently the horn has the screw-on resonators and at the moment I’m inclined to try to keep them, but comments and suggestions about that are encouraged. Lacquer isn’t very good so I’m looking for it to be a player not a showpiece, but I got it for a good price ($300 USD) so I figure I can afford to put a set of quality pads on it. Question is, what would be the best choice? Any suggestions?
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I play a Super Dynaction alto, and really like it a lot.

The overall sound is darker than most Selmer VIs or SA altos, imo.

I have rather standard flat plastic resonators and play a Riffault rubber mouthpiece. The mouthpiece gives me a little brightness when pushed, but overall the sound is clean and darkish.

If I was going to try to get a brighter kind of sound, I'd probably go for metal star resonators. They worked great for me on a Ref 36 tenor, so..... maybe.....
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