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I have been playing primarily two alto pieces right now on my SDA: (1) a Jody Jazz DV 8, and (2) a Morgan 8J. I prefer the edge and fat bottom of the DV when I'm playing with my rock band, but the response of the Morgan is much better.

Is there a piece out there with a high baffle and large chamber like the DV but a less exagerated facing curve? The DV is so free blowing that I have to use a pretty hard reed, which makes it tough to articulate some of the fast staccato riffs I want to play, especially when jumping large intervals. Because the Morgan has more natural resistance, I can play a softer reed on it and get a more balanced response.

I was thinking about a Brancher B chamber, but there's not a lot of info about them on the forum.

Any opinions or advice out there?
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So you still have the DV! You'd probably like the Saxworks, which is basically a very good Dukoff, but I am sold out of the few I had. Have you looked into a closer version of the DV such as a 7? Or find a cheap Dukoff M or D and send it to a refacer. A Jumbo Java, say A45, is worth trying. Ditto a Meyer small chamber or Runyon Custom or Custom Jazz in about an 8 facing. Mojo can make these very responsive.

Is your Morgan an 8M or 8E? You might try the E.

In general, clean staccato response gets more difficult on very open pieces, say much above .085" for alto.
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