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I have been playing primarily two alto pieces right now on my SDA: (1) a Jody Jazz DV 8, and (2) a Morgan 8J. I prefer the edge and fat bottom of the DV when I'm playing with my rock band, but the response of the Morgan is much better.

Is there a piece out there with a high baffle and large chamber like the DV but a less exagerated facing curve? The DV is so free blowing that I have to use a pretty hard reed, which makes it tough to articulate some of the fast staccato riffs I want to play, especially when jumping large intervals. Because the Morgan has more natural resistance, I can play a softer reed on it and get a more balanced response.

I was thinking about a Brancher B chamber, but there's not a lot of info about them on the forum.

Any opinions or advice out there?
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Thanks for the recommendations. I think you might be right about the size of the tip opening. The 0.90 on my DV might be slowing me down compared to the 0.85 on my Morgan.
Not a bad idea. I'll try that. I made some pretty good baffles for my STM bari piece using poster tack.
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