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Recommendations for Paris?

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Can anyone recommend small venues in Paris for jazz? Preferrably in a cafe atmosphere, places that aren't necessarily in any guidebooks, but where you can go to hear good musicians.

Much thanks in advance. Merci.
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I enjoyed riding the metro (subway) to get to places around Paris. Sometimes people get on board and start busking. No good, if you want to seriously listen, though, because you might miss your stop!
Hi JonL,
if you come soon in Paris, you'll benefit from the jazz festival season.
For instance, from June the 9th to July the 29th occurs the Paris Jazz festival. It consists in concerts every saturday in the most beautiful parc in the town... and its free! here the link
Aside from this, there are plenty of places to listen to Jazz. In The 'Rue des lombards' street you'll find 3 scenes: for example...
u can follow the link below to get an overview of the places to be for live music in paris
Look for the Moutin brothers group with Rick Margitza. I think they have some kind of weeknight house gig in Paris.
Great recommendations. Thank you! Any and all advice is much appreciated.
Last year, Rick Margitza used to play every thuesday 21h30 at this place:
La Fontaine
Rue de la Grange aux belles
75010 Paris
I'm not sure for now, the more so as the moutin reunion quartet is beginning a tour very soon in USA...
These are great recommendations. Thanks. Is there much of interest going on in cafe settings as well? Back in Portugal we used to do a lot of cafe concertos. A lot of times these would take place in municipal cultural center cafes or places like those. Is there a reasonable equivalent in France?

I'm definitely going to check out the Moutin Reunion Quartet. Sounds fantastic.
If you understand and read a bit french, click on the link below:
Wow, great link, silvin. Thank you so much.

It's much easier for me to read French than speak it, but I have some friends from Haiti who are helping me learn. If you meet a near-sighted American speaking Haitian creole then you'll know that's me.
Oh, pardon moi! I thought this thread was for giving Paris Hilton advice on her upcoming prison sentence. Never mind.
Anyone knows of any good gigs from 9th-15th of September in Paris??
thanx :)
From September 7th through October 14 the Festival D'Ile de France takes place in and around Paris. I'll be at Glaz'art Sept. 29th & 30th.
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