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Hi guys and gals,
Im about to start my first full on restoration, I have acquired an old Ida Maria grassi tenor which is in poor condition. Im pretty happy with info given to me from others regarding how to repad ect but I m not to sure about how to restore a finish on the brass work. I have access at work to a full electroplating shop ect, I am a mechanic by trade so I dont think this is out of my scope or capability. My question is whats the best way to restore the finish or to make the unit look tidy. Its all brass including the keys and the lacquer has peeled all over it and there are numerous scartches ect, whats my best bet, should I plastic media blast it, ally oxide blast or just straight out buff all the lacquer of, I have access to all above methods. If I was to plastic media blast it clean and not rebuff but relacquer would this be a goos safe option. Ive just heard horror stories about people over buffing and destroying the tone of the instrument. Any recommendations would be appreciated. The serial No on this unit is 1609
Thanks Steve
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