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Some people in the SOTW forum know that I work for Yanagisawa in Japan.I'm going to the U.S. for the first time this summer.It is not on business just as private.I'm interested in instruments shop or technical shop in foreign country.Few friends introduced me some shops.Can you recommend other shops to visit more? My trip is too short though. 3 days in San Francisco and 3 days in New York.


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If you don't mind going a little out of your way when in San Francisco, give best music (oakland) a look, and also Saxology in Hayward is a great place, filled with a HUGE amount of vintage mouthpieces.
In New York, you can hit the shops in mid-town. Mike Manning, Roberto's, International WW & brass. If you hire a car, you can go out to USA horn in New Jersey or stop in on Bob Ackerman (better call first).
Try out Wind Player Services. Highly recommended.

New York area.
BarrySachs said:
In New York, you can hit the shops in mid-town. Mike Manning, Roberto's, International WW & brass. If you hire a car, you can go out to USA horn in New Jersey or stop in on Bob Ackerman (better call first).
Don't forget Sam Ash! (for shame, Andy! ;) ) I am the head woodwind technician there and I'd love to have you visit.
Oh, and if you don't mind visiting the competition, the Yamaha Artist Service Center has the most amazing shop I've ever seen, and at least one of them is fluent in Japanese.
In NY, go to Roberto's shop... In the same street there is a Sam Ash store, too. As far as I can remember, they are in 46 or 48 street...
Good luck!
I'm in NY. Noone ever comes to see me:( Thats not really true, but I don't want to advertise myself. Honestly if your in Manhatten, there are plenty of shops to checkout. Just dont ask me for Names or exact addresses.:D

I put your Yani employee status info in your user title. I would think this is a point of pride for you, and of interest to the rest of our members.
Roberto's is on 46th St. between 6th and 7th avenues, above Rosie O'Grady's restaurant. Kind of an odd place, because you pretty much have to walk into the restaurant for a few feet to get up the stairs.

Sam Ash Pro Woodwind and Brass is at 163 W. 48th st. between 6th and 7th avenues. There are like 5 Sam Ash stores, so make sure to go into the brass and woodwind one.

The two Baltimore stores (International WW and Brass, run by the son John Baltimore, and New York WW and Brass, run by the dad Rod Baltimore) are on 48th st. between 6th and 7th, right next to each other on the south side of the street.

Perry Ritter is at "156 W. 55th St., down driveway". That is on 55th st. between 6th and 7th, in a little alley.

Wayne Tanabe and Tomoji Hirakata hold down the custom shop at the Yamaha Artist Services studio at 689 5th ave (at 54th. st), third floor. This is physically the most amazing and complete repair shop around, if you ask me. Only caveat- they don't do very many customer repairs, if at all! Seems like they mostly work on Yamaha artist instruments and do R&D for Yamaha.

Wayne's wife Shelly runs Wind Player Services out in Queens.

Weiner Music is out on Long Island- if you have a car (I don't, I've never been :-( ), check them out:

USA Horn is in Jersey:

Bob Ackerman is in Jersey as well:

Bill Singer is also in town and also in Jersey, depending on when you catch him.

That should keep you busy!
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Thank you!Thank you for helping me.Many people responded to my posting.
Thank you the informations again.I appreciate it.

I'll be stopping by sam ash very probably on saturday or sunday. could you possibly set me up with a mk VI tenor and some metal muthpieces to try out? i have between 400-600 to spend on one, and id like to play on a few different choices to find what suits me best.
The Sam Ash in Carle Place, Long Island at the moment has a better selection of Mark VI's and metal mouthpieces.

We just got in a minty 64xxx tenor, and have a good variety from Theo Wanne, Jody Jazz, Vandoren …

Come stop by and check us out. :)
Hidesaku: Will you be visiting Vincent while in NY? Perhaps he will be playing in the city at that time. He was very instrumental in helping me choose the A991 I will be purchasing very soon. It would be a pleasure to meet at the venue which he will be playing at during your stay. I will ask him to post his summer schedule to his website.
You do realize this thread is 6 years old-right?
DUH ...stupid me ... lol ... why was this thread resurrected??
Search function, then a service request - look above. Interestingly, wesleyraylewis actually got what he wanted - sort of ...

Anyhow, this is what SotW is good at (providing all sorts of information - in this case on shops in New York), so, apart from the distraction, no harm done, or was there? ;)

Absolutely ... Just a big gotcha ...laugh with me, not at me!
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