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I myself don't play the sax, nor do I know anyone who does, so I don't really have any knowledge. I'm looking for a recomendation however for my daughter. She has always wanted one since whe was about 10 and loves jazz. She is turning 21 in April and I thought it would be a good gift along with some lessons as she is becoming an offical adult. I don't know what to really look for (like I said I know almost nothing about saxs) I would like something that she can use to learn on, as well as keep for a while once she hits the stage, also something that has a decent sound. Looks aren't too important for her, something used would be fine, or new just as long as it stays under 1,500.

I don't know if I posted this in the right area, please correct me if I should have put it somewhere else. I'm not too computer literate.

Thank You,
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Eleanore: I agree with "BUgs" . . . give Dave Kessler a call and work something out. He has sopranos, altos, and tenors (and maybe beyond). DAVE
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