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I myself don't play the sax, nor do I know anyone who does, so I don't really have any knowledge. I'm looking for a recomendation however for my daughter. She has always wanted one since whe was about 10 and loves jazz. She is turning 21 in April and I thought it would be a good gift along with some lessons as she is becoming an offical adult. I don't know what to really look for (like I said I know almost nothing about saxs) I would like something that she can use to learn on, as well as keep for a while once she hits the stage, also something that has a decent sound. Looks aren't too important for her, something used would be fine, or new just as long as it stays under 1,500.

I don't know if I posted this in the right area, please correct me if I should have put it somewhere else. I'm not too computer literate.

Thank You,
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I see that you posted in the Kessler Saxophone area. If you are interested, Kessler Custom Saxophones are really good horns. Not truly professional horns but excellent for what you are trying to do. Contact Dave Kessler at Kessler Music (1-888-830-0474) and ask some questions. They are very helpful here and would steer you in the right direction. A horn does not have to be new to be good, but Kessler's horns are a really good start. I bought one for my son as he recently started on Tenor sax and I don't think there is anything wrong with the horn. I would however not use the mouthpiece that is provided with the horn until later as it is a somewhat larger tip opening. Good starter mouthpieces are Selmer C*, or my favorite - Vandoren Optimum AL3 or TL3 depending on whether you are looking for Alto or Tenor. Good luck on your search.
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