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I am having it done now.
You need some big chunks of styrofoam to carve out and put in strategic places around the underside of the horn for support, then put good foam around all that. Use glue to secure it in place.
On the styro pieces, I recommend at the top and under the curl, 3 along the main body tube, one big one at the bow, two under the bell and one at the top of the bell.

Buy some velvet and hot glue it in over top that. Be sure to tuck the edges of the velvet behind the styrofoam and foam pieces before you glue them permanently in place.

You can pick up good latches at the hardware store that can be riveted in place.
The hardest to find is the piano hinge for the case lid. If that isn't available, try 4 to 5 regular hinges.
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