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I recently started playing a Selmer Centered Tone.
Being a big bore instrument, a standard clarinet mouthpiece tends to be flat on the upper second register.
Larger bore mouthpieces (vintage Selmer, vintage Woodwind co, Ed Pillinger) fix this problem completely.

The quality of the barrel I own is quite poor; a vintage selmer, 15mm bore very porous inside, tends to be "inconsistent".
I had a relatively modern selmer rebored (15.2mm at the bottom, 14.9 at the top), plays well but it is too long.

So here are my options:
1- to shorten my rebored mouthpiece
2- to have a shorter barrel rebored
3- To WAX the vintage pieces, hoping that the too porous and rough inner surface would benefit.
4- buy from Clarinetsperfection a replica of an original CT piece
5- try other barrels (which ones?)

Any advice is welcome.


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I would consider a couple of options. New barrels would be one choice. Makes some of the best out there.

I have known of some who have had a liner of hard rubber put into an old barrel and rebored.

You can have the barrel that is too long shortened.
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